Divinity of Light

Divinity of Light

Someone asked a photographer "Hey, where do you go to photograph?" The photographer answered "Towards the light." 

Divinity is something that can be felt, not described. Every photographer possesses the quality of divinity deep within. Sometimes that very quality is reflected in their images (knowingly or unknowingly). The photographer in a sense, collaborates with the light, which is determined by the physics of nature. 

In this project the members of the Little Box Collective have attempted to document the association, uncertainty, ambiguity, drama and dilemma of people, in relation to the divine intervention of light. 

Members participating in this project include:

Yiannis Yiasaris, Rab Thanasorn, Stavros Stamatiou, Valérie Six, Koushik Sinha Roy, Nayeem Siddiquee, Céline Pannetier, Bojan 'Chibsterr' Nikolic, Margarita Mavromichalis, Spiros Loukopoulos, Suan Lin, Muhammad Imam Hasan, Niki Gleoudi, Ximena Echague and Julia Coddington.

'Divinity of Light' was the brain child of Koushik Sinha Roy and curated by Julia Coddington, Niki Gleoudi and Koushik Sinha Roy.